Guide to Buying the Right Gear: Hack Me If You Are Smart

With the safety concerns about cryptocurrencies these days, we have been long overdue to introduce smart devices that will target the segment exclusively. You will see your smartphones and tablets come with a “Safe to Hold Crypto” these days and that is not a chance occurrence.
Think of how fraught the crypto market has been in these past few markets. We have shared our thoughts on how to stay safe when it comes to managing your own assets, and there is perhaps quite a bit you can do. Now, companies are actually introducing hardware that will be impenetrable to the forays of ill-meaning third parties.
Enter the new revamped smartphone that will bolster the security of your crypto wallet and let you have a sound night’s sleep.

How do we protect ourselves?

We have said it before. Protecting your hardware and software will make it possible for you to operate substantial sums of crypto assets without taking extra risks. The new SIKURPhone comes at a juncture when it is sorely needed.
With this $799 gizmo, your investment will be safe. It features a 5.5-inch display, and 13-megapixel rear camera. We would like to see it removed ideally, but still the developing company Sikur believes that having a camera available can be useful.

Security in the limelight

Recently, cryptocurrencies have been under a lot of stress. Their value has naturally soared, but so have the intents on ill-meaning parties. Sikur’s device promises to be hacker-proof, after having withstand two months of hackers and software experts trying to pry it open.
SIKURPhone will be entering the market in the second quarter of 2018 with a promise to deliver a crypto wallet integrated to the platform. It would be interesting to witness whether the phone can beat the cold storage devices in terms of safety.

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