Fluzcoin – A Possible Future for Crypto

Blockchain technology is slated to transform the world in many great ways. You will notice that these changes are becoming less imaginary and more grounded in hard facts. The blockchain innovation continued to grow throughout 2017 and all indications seem to favour expansion in 2018. Blockchain has been responsible for slashing costs across a multitude of fields. And so, now that traditional trade mechanism is being changed, we ought to ask ourselves what blockchain can do for our business.
The latest arrival in the field of cryptocurrency is Fluzcoin, which aims to solve all the problems that cryptocurrencies are currently experiencing. It is, by any measure, quite the enthusiastic undertaking and one that may not end the way the creators have hoped for.
Fluzcoin will strive to become a low-volatility and customer-friendly token, a token, as it is, for the mass market. This is a feat that has not been achieved throughout the short history of cryptocurrencies. It would definitely be worth to see what Fluzcoin is and how it intends to solve some of the biggest problems of the cryptocurrency market.

What is Fluzcoin?

So, Fluzcoin is the attempt of the developers to introduce a virtual currency to shops and bring consumers closer to the idea that digital money can, in fact, be used as a meaningful exchange tokens. The high volatility of the cryptocurrencies so far has put everyone off their mass adoption.
Detractors have been quite determined, making the case against cryptocurrencies, too. We have heard central banks and private investors all speak against the cryptocurrencies and it has definitely not been easy to stomach, especially as crypto enthusiasts. But Fluzcoin may be onto a good thing and change could also be on the cards.
Fluzcoin has been garnering stability based on its AI ready solutions dedicated to maintaining the crypto network stable and adaptable to abrupt changes in its source code. Because Fluzcoin has managed to achieve a stable and predictable value and fluctuation path, this token is in fact quite the feasible alternative to regular FIAT money.
However, if there’s one argument that we can mount against the cryptocurrency, it is that it hardly has to undergo the same amount of stress FIAT currency go. Hackers, nefarious actors and lowly-secured exchanges may all become the gateways of an economy in disarray should one cryptocurrency be adopted en masse.
However, proponents of Fluzcoin argue that should central regulatory exchanges are established, everyone can still benefit from the anonymity of cryptocurrency while trading at a glimpse.

Benefits of Fluzcoin

The benefits of Fluzcoin can be quite feasible. With everyone now talking about the upsides of trading crypto, we are actually at a point where we can benefit from the crypto boom in earnest. Should Fluzcoin be introduced, we will manage to tackle so many hurdles, including:

  • Speed
  • Costs
  • Prices
  • Volatility
  • Compliance

The Fluzcoin technology promises to be a major game-changer in the industry across all of the aforementioned aspects. It could potentially even be independent without needing any supervision at all. The coin has been built for large-scale transactions as well, which puts it well ahead of the competition, allowing it to fill roles that are usually carried out by dedicated financial institutions.

Putting it all in Practice

Fluzcoin can potentially be used in a two-fold manner. It could serve as a centralized transaction platform, the like of popular e-wallets, such as Paypal. If this comes to pass, Fluzcoin can become an integral part of a number of platforms, including Shopify, Magento, eCommerce, and countless others.
With its easy-to-use interface, Fluzcoin definitely highlights the importance it puts by its customers. With this in mind, you will be absolutely thrilled to participate in the making of the next big digital revolution insofar as money is concerned.

The Minds Behind Fluzone

Fluzcoin’s team members are not random people. They are the very best of a number of companies and industries that have to do with money transactions and finances. A simple example would be: Carlyle Group (Co-Founder), SWAY Ventures (General Partner), PayPal (Integration Director), BlackRock, Intuit, Zolando (VP of AI), Google (AI Development lead), US Embassy (Ambassador to Singapore), P2P Foundation (Ambassador), Nike Central America (Executive VP), El Costo Stores (Executive VP).
Members from Deutsche Bank and Google have also joined. In other words, Fluzcoin is definitely not the sort of initiative that makes big claims without backing them up with a solid track record.

A Final Thought

We do have our qualms about the security about the entirety of the offer and it would be difficult for us to advise you to embrace the token. However, the remarkable team behind Fluzcoin really make us believe in the future of cryptocurrency as a common exchange medium.
The benefits for businesses will be enormous should all transactions begin to be carried over the wire. We ourselves are quite excited about a future where a single unifying currency will be the norm. However, this is unlikely.
China is now adopting its own centralized digital currency in a bid to reduce its dependence on the US dollar. The US dollar is also continuously undermined by the folly of the sitting president Donald Trump. With the whole world fluctuating between one financial system and another, it’s quite obvious that cryptocurrencies will be needed as a common middle ground.
However, the continuous hacker attacks in the industry are disconcerting and will lead to more reasons for concern. Let’s hope that Fluzone can make a difference.

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