Bitcoin Nouveaux Riches Rent Strip Club To Hold Conference

It may seem like an interesting turn of events but it is not, as one attendee to the North American Bitcoin Conference proffered readily for Bloomberg.
Apparently, well-heeled young men of certain means do love the naked woman form. However, this may be a bit of a misconception. At a time when executives, hedge fund managers and other topknots of the banking sector draw ire if they so happen to misbehave, it is ill advised to be throwing showy displays of one’s wealth.
Not only that, but cryptocurrencies are a new sapling that needs to set a course for due decorum rather plunge into heady debauchery.
Organizers Failed Elsewhere
The Bitcoin Conference had apparently blinded itself of one main aspect. Many of the attendees were women from the professional world who felt ill at ease with the venue setting. Many chose not to go altogether while others reportedly felt deeply disturbed.
The organizer of the event, Moe Levin, argued that the event created decent (what a choice of word here) opportunities to explore networking prospects. Mr Levin was convinced that at the onset of nude performances, at around 11 PM, everyone who felt uncomfortable was free to go, a Bloomberg article reported.
However, the gravity of Mr Levin’s misdemeanour seems to have caught up to him when he made an about-turn 24 hours later. He came forward with a statement, saying that the venue had been a mistake and that the conference’s main goal was to be inclusive.
A retraction that was due by all accounts.
The Bitcoin culture
It is easy for people who have made a quick buck to be somewhat snobbish about the feelings of others. However, as the scales are slowly evening out the gender balance. With the inclusion of both sexes, it would be appropriate to consider what is acceptable to all parties involved.
Just as male investors would not be interested in observing professional male dancer entertain them, so would women balk at the idea of talking business while modestly-dressed ladies are walking about.
But whether it is male or female dancers has made little impact on the event. The main problem was that it gave the event bad press. At a time when cryptocurrencies are poised to come under legislative fire, it would be well for everyone who is genuinely interested in the future of those assets to actually help bolster the case for them.
Otherwise, public indignity may boil over, leading to sterner regulations. More comically still, the West seems to associate immediate riches with debauchery.
The North Korean Conference would have been unlikely to happen in places like Japan or South Korea, two countries that are quite chummy with these new assets.
More bang for your buck
To help cryptocurrencies progress, investors will have to focus less on ostentatious display of riches and more on discussing the future of this type of investment tools, especially when traditional financial institutions are preparing to move in hard. A vastly more modest perception of the industry known as cryptocurrencies has never been more necessary than now.

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