Highrollers in Cryptocurrencies

People have been pulling all sorts of (reckless) stunts at the prospect of getting rich. Some have mortgaged their homes while others invested in dodgy assets in the hopes of becoming wealthy overnight.
Now, an anonymous cryptocurrency trader has decided that $400 million is a decent sum to plunk down on bitcoin.
Despite the rather choppy start, these assets have had this year, people still seem to be coming back for more, and there is no shame in that.
But first, there were the good news. The market shot up to $1 trillion in total worth and then – just like that, the market hit a snag and the value of the foremost cryptocurrencies started slipping.
Everyone and every asset were affected. Even Bitcoin which soared to nearly $20,000 came down tumbling. And it was quite the tumble if we must admit – Bitcoin fell to under $6,000 at first sending scare across markets and investors alike. Now, things are a bit better for it – it’s back above $10,000.
Back to the anonymous trader
It seems like whoever has decided to splurge so generously on Bitcoin has had something in mind. A reasonable observer would say that they are seeing an upbeat trend in the cryptocurrency that will continue well throughout the year, despite those who have spelt the total devaluation of the cryptocurrency.
This financial jab may prove the much-needed fuel the industry needs after having been buffeted by slumps in prices, numerous regulation and illegal activities.
Also, people are now speculating that should the crypto currency’s value continue to increase, this million-worth investment may soon turn the trader into a billionaire.

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