Marketing for Blockchain the Successful Way

The power of self-branding through blockchain and LinkedIn has reached a crescendo. According to blockchain expert and marketing expert Amirsan Roberto, positoning yourself successfully on the market will be a necessary prerequisite for any future success, whether you deal with traditional blockchain or an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
In his article covering the life of self-branding through LinkedIn, Roberto elaborates on certain points that raise the question – are companies in the blockchain realm making good pitches that capture the essence of what they are all about.
Marketing – the Strategic Cog
Come what may, it would be very difficult to convince anyone that marketing is a waste of time. It is, in fact, a much needed prerequisite for any of your plans to actually take root.
Blockchain companies come and go, and they make strong pitches all along the way in the hopes of raking in hefty and fresh investment. This is understandable and commendable at the same time.
Running a healthy ICO, for example, would cost you quite a bit, for example. But when we mean to say that someone would cost we only meant hat it takes time and effort, and careful planning.
Why are blockchain companies so terrible at making a good pitch, though?
For the most part, when marketing and making pitches, companies appeal not so much to savvy investors as to people who have been quite excited at the idea of getting rich quick.
However, even if whipping up excitement among people and potential investors is quite important and mandatory, it also pays off to be on the same page with the people who are channeling their finances into your project.
Blockchain companies may fail, because they receive too much investment over a painfully short period of time, leaving them quite vulnerable and susceptible to outward influences.
As the company pitching the ICO, for example, you cannot afford to be influenced by market forces. Instead, you will have to focus on delivering your own unique sales pitch.
Where Will The Next Big Idea Come From?
It is hard to tell what the new disruption will be like? Some people think that the banking industry is threatened by the onslaught of crypto-solutions. Threatened is not necessarily the correct word. Let us say that the industry is simply going to change dramatically.
Not everyone is opposed to these changes, though. In Europe, national banks and the European Central Bank have been making a rather determined push to deliver impeccable results. The ECB has been pushing for a greater adoption of fintech for example, which is forked into traditional solutions and blockchain.
However, on the marketing front, private enterpreneurs may be losing the war. As Roberto writes, the ability to market yourself successfully is instrumental to the success of any company henceforth.
Is it so much the buzz word and the raking in of plentiful investment that is important? Partly. More importantly, you want to create a number of meaningful contacts to serve you later on when you are trying to pitch your company. You will be quite pleased with the results, such as they can be.
Establishing connections with the right individuals is a definitive stepping-stone towards future success, as Roberto himself writes.
Coming to Terms with the Market
More importantly still, we recommend that you consider the market well. When you want to sell something, you cannot venture out on a limb and say that your product is simply ‘the best,’ for example. It is a rather hackneyed statement that has not been successful by unestablished brands and companies.
Instead, you ought to focus on connecting with your audience and building meaningful connections. How?

  • Establish a level of trust by being completely open about your project;
  • Answer common queries that your audience may have – for instance, how is the project funded, how are they going to benefit from it
  • Create a meaningful plan that can be perused at users’ own leisure so that you can convince them to at least come back
  • Create an evocative slogan for your project, but do not overkill it by dwelling on it for too long

Branding and branding well is important. You will notice that if you are already the centre of attention, as long as you try to genuinely achieve something, you will never have to fear that there will be a loss of customers, unless you provoke it.
However, to stay the centre of attention, you will have to learn to provide valuable insight. In blockchain and marketing it is all about being helpful and useful to your audience. And that is what every single one of us should strive for when attempting to pitch a blockchain venture.

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