Buying Ripple – Easy Enough

Ripple (XRP) is most certainly a highly-recognizable cryptocurrency these days. Many crypto assets have come and go, but Ripple seems to stick with it. And among the overall doomsday hubbub, Ripple is largely unnoticed. In fact, leading analysts are now predicting a bright future for it.
Ripple excels in many ways. It offers short transaction times, something cited as a reason for concern by Goldman Sachs in their outlook of how cryptocurrencies are headed for a zero-value course. Ripple also slaps users with almost no fees. What you pay is almost symbolic.
Last year, Ripple gained estimated 4,300% of value upswing in just 2017, making it among the largest-growing crypto assets. So, with the interest of Ripple skyrocketing, and it being comfortably well within the purchasing power of the average working man, we ought to ask ourselves: How do we buy Ripple?
Step One – Checking The Crypto Wallets and Exchanges!
Ripple is a respectable currency and as such it minds security. The developers have chosen to only work with a limited set of crypto wallets that you could look up at the homepage.
We have collated positive results about a handful in particular. Kraken, Bitstamp, and GateHub seem to be clear favorites.  Of course, in the name of plurality, Ripple’s own website offers quite a bunch.
Now, if you want to buy or trade Bitcoin or Ripple in Euro or USD, there is your chance! Bitstamp offers a variety of trading pairs. You can exchange XRP for BTC and XRP for either USD or Euro. This is not too shabby.
Registration. Before you can carry out any of the above-specified actions, you will certainly need to start an account with Bitstamp. By simply clicking the Sign Up button you will be brought to a traditional registration window.
You will be then asked to fill out several staple details of any registration process. Your e-mail address. After you have verified everything you will be asked to deposit some funds into your accounts.
As soon as you have deposited some funds in your account, you will be able to continue with purchasing actual currency. You will need to proceed by selecting what currency you want to use in order to buy XRP.
If you want to purchase Ripples on Kraken you will have fewer options, but it is all very plausible nevertheless. For starters, you will need to follow through with their registration process.
Upon receiving confirmation, you will need to log in with your account and select the appropriate exchange. If you want to purchase Ripple (XRP), however, you can only do so through exchanging XBT first and then snapping up XRP’s.
GateHub is our personal favourite. They have done a excellent job of reminding their customers that privacy and security is as much in their hands as it is in the company’s. After you are done registering, you will be asked confirmation.
GateHub’s terms and conditions can also offer a valuable insight in how cryptocurrencies operate so it would be worth taking those into account just as well.
Then, you will be reminded that the best way to go about storing your information is in cold storage. As soon as you deposited your funds, you will be allowed to proceed with your first XRP purchase.
You may choose between a number of exchanges and wallets. But prior to signing up for any, you are advised to read the terms and conditions you are signing for. It is always good to get facts straight and by perusing the rules by which your crypto exchange is governed you may avoid a number of unpleasant situations later down the road. And while you read, rest assured that your XRP currency will be waiting.

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